The Founders Kitchen investment fund is led by Uri Levine, founder of Waze, a passionate serial entrepreneur and disruptor, with the goal of building startups. We follow the vision of doing good and doing well, creating and investing in startups that address big problems, disrupt inefficient markets and improve dysfunctional services, empowering users with relevant and timely data and tools. Our goal is to generate significant and global impact through our startups.

Most of The Founders Kitchen’s startups are homebrewed initiatives. However, we also enjoy working with strong teams. We put great emphasis on leadership for our startups, and take advantage of the great human resources of the Israeli ecosystem, which we mentor and advise.

Why are we called
“The Founders Kitchen”?

The Founders Kitchen meetings and brainstorming with our teams are held in an informal atmosphere in our kitchen, where every real party gathers. It was natural that the fund will take a name that best reflects our approach to people, business and life.

Our Portfolio

Our Philosophy

Address big

Solve real and big problems

Do good
and do well

Empower people’s well-being by saving them time & money, improve or simplify their lives. Create and deliver value

Go global

Make a true impact on
a global scale

Israeli focus

We are Israeli based by choice, taking advantage of the remarkable capabilities of this land


We don't advance propositions that are fear mongering or otherwise take advantage of people’s weaknesses. We do not engage in online gambling, porn, forex, cryptocurrency or other questionable industries

The PCM Method

The Founders Kitchen cultivates embryonic ideas and actively mentors teams, developing intimate knowledge and trust. We apply a proven method, which has been successfully implemented in our companies. It includes active mentorship from the earliest brainstorming phases through seed investment maturity, co-founding, building the team and serving as active Board Members, while navigating the implementation of the selected strategy.

Investing in our startups from inception

The Founders Kitchen invests in inception, seed and follow up rounds.


We validate the


We mentor our teams


We choose strong
leaders for our startups

Unicorn startup strategy

Success is when stars align

Typically after a long journey of failures

Founding Team

The Founders Kitchen is managed by Uri Levine and Ariel Sacerdoti, long-time friends and business partners, who share the same vision, each of them evidenced through a proven and accomplished entrepreneurial career.

Uri Levine
A passionate serial entrepreneur and disruptor. Co-founder and former President of Waze. Co-Founder, Chairman or Board Member in FeeX, Moovit, HERE, Engie, FairFly, ZeeK, WeTrip, Seetree, Refundit & Livecare and always working on his next idea. Uri has been in the high-tech business for the last 30 years. World class speaker and mentor to
entrepreneurs (www.urilevine.com).

Ariel Sacerdoti
30 year international entrepreneurial and management career, which generated successful companies in the industry valued at hundreds of millions. Started and managed Robomatix, Güdel USA and Pump Engineering and led investment projects of about $500M for Ormat, geothermal world leader. Investor/mentor in SmartTCP, Eagle Rotary, Pump Engineering, Mishor.

Investment Manager
Decisive Wealth Management, based in Genève, Switzerland, acts as investment manager for the fund (Naava Mashiah)

Contact us

We invite you to join our exciting journey by contacting

The Founders Kitchen is not screening new startups at the moment. However, if you
wish to consult with us, send a one pager which describes the big problem you are
attempting to solve, and the strength of the team.